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The Abington Art Scholarship is a combined need and merit based scholarship awarded to incoming freshmen committed to the study of art at the College. Although not every freshman applicant receives an award, several are selected each year.


The selection criteria include incoming freshman status, a mimum GPA/SAT requirement and an approved admissions portfolio. The Selection Committee is joint group comprised of members of the art faculty and representatives of the office for Financial Aid. The need-based pool is determined by the Financial Aid representative, while the merit-based pool is determined by the art faculty in a comparative assessment of portfolio and academic achievement within the overall cohort of applicants to the program.


The scholarship is renewed annually for four years. This renewal is contingent upon adequate progress toward completion of the major, as follows:


Upon completion of 30 credits with a C or better:

  • ART 110S
  • ART 111
  • ARTH 111
  • ARTH 112


Upon completion of 60 credits with a C or better:

  • Four 200-level ART courses
  • One additional ARTH (art history) course
  • Successful entrance to major


Upon completion of 90 credits with a C or better:

  • ART 122Y
  • One additional 200-level ART course
  • Two 3/400-level ART courses in media concentration area
  • One additional ARTH (art history) course