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All students intending to major in Art are placed into the ABHSS pre-major program. These students begin work on the Art Major's Prescribed Courses, which is comprised of the following:



Prescribed Courses


ART 110S  
ART 111
ART 122Y
ARTH 111
ARTH 112

Ideas as Visual Images (3 cr)
Ideas as Objects (3 cr)
Commentary on Art (3 cr)
Ancient to Medieval Art (3 cr)
Renaissance to Modern Art (3 cr)



The two studio courses taken during the first year of study include:

  • ART 110S, Ideas as Visual Images, introduces students to the ideational relationships among form and content in a two-dimensional context. In projects designed to stretch ideas about meaning and metaphor, basic elements and principles of visual design are explored: line and shape, figure and ground, light, color and texture.
  • This rigorous exploration is continued in ART 111, Ideas as Objects. Basic elements and principles are extended to include mass and space, time and motion, properties of three-dimensional form and transformation.


These studios represent a core of studio knowledge shared across all visual disciplines and all media concentrations.


Alongside these studios, the ARTAB Academic Plan strongly encourages students to enroll in Art History and Critical Studies courses. ART H 111, Ancient to Medieval Art, explores a survey of art from ancient times through the European Gothic period. ART H 112, Renaissance to Modern Art, covers the past six centuries of artmaking, from the perspective revolution to the digital revolution. ART 122Y, Commentary on Art, introduces the beginning artist to oral and written verbal critical discourse.


Although they may do so at any time, the completion of studio Prescribed Courses is a common point at which students are advised to submit a portfolio for formal admission to the ARTAB degree program. To find out more, please click on the Apply page.



Entrance to Major (ETM) Requirements for ARTAB: