Instructional Resources

Instructional Resources

Adobe Connect Training

Adobe Connect is a terrific resource for faculty who wish to conduct hybrid and online courses, and is an excellent alternative to cancelling classes during inclement weather. To get started, click the link below to access the the Adobe Connect Training Module.

Introductory Adobe Connect Training Module

The training module is just over twenty minutes long, provides an overview and covers the basics for getting a class started within Adobe Connect.

After reviewing the training module, you are encouraged to make your own recording and to send it to the Center for Teaching and Learning. Please note that this module is still in Beta testing. Any suggestions or feedback as to how it could be improved, should be directed to Jeff Oaster at

Additional Resources

Additional resources for using ANGEL or Adobe Connect can be found on the Penn State Intranet using the link below.  Please note, this link will require your PSU password for access.

Additional Resources for ANGEL and Adobe Connect