The Learning Center

The Learning Center

Location:  Room 315 Sutherland
Phone:  215-881-7538

Free drop-in tutoring is available for Penn State Abington students. Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Math / Science Tutors
Math / science tutors can provide help with most undergraduate math courses and many science courses. Students visit math / science tutors for help with homework, questions about new concepts, and preparation for tests and exams.

Often students visit weekly to work toward changing a “C” to a “B” or keeping that “A”.

Writing Tutors / Writing Consultants
Writing Tutors / Writing Consultants offer help with writing assignments for all courses. Writing tutoring happens when students request assistance with grammar and punctuation. Writing consultation happens when students drop in to “brainstorm” a topic, develop their ideas, or review a first draft.

Students should not expect tutors to proofread or edit their assignments. Instead, tutors help students learn what to look for when they proofread their own writing.

Learning / Study Strategies
The Learning Center also provides help with Test Preparation, Time Management, College Reading Strategies, Note Taking, Test-taking Tips, Concentration, and Memory Strategies.

Student Employment -- Peer Tutoring
Students strong in a specific subject area are encouraged to consider working as paid Learning Center tutors. Applications are available at The Learning Center.