Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements

Your application to transfer to Penn State Abington will be evaluated based on four items:

1. Choosing a Penn State Abington major to start and to graduate at Abington

2. Meeting the minimum GPA

We will review your application based on your GPA from all of your previous colleges, as calculated by Penn State. When a student repeats a course, both grades are included.  You must meet the “entrance to major” GPA.  Some majors are more competitive than others, and not all majors are available to transfer students.

3. Meeting the Entrance to Major Requirements

American Studies, Corporate Communication, Criminal Justice, English, History, Information Sciences and Technology, and Psychological and Social Sciences require a 2.0 GPA minimum.

Art requires a 2.0 GPA minimum with a successful completion of a portfolio review.

Biology and Science require a 2.0 GPA minimum and the appropriate math, chemistry, and biology courses.

Business and Accounting require a 2.0 GPA minimum and the appropriate math class.

Childhood and Early Adolescent Education, PK-4 option requires a 3.0 GPA minimum.

Integrative Arts and Letters, Arts, and Sciences require a 2.0 GPA minimum.  In both of these majors, you will develop an academic plan with your adviser's assistance after you enroll.

Nursing (RN to B.S.) requires a valid nursing license and a 2.0 GPA minimum.

Associate Degrees – Business Administration and Letters, Arts, and Sciences require a 2.0 GPA minimum.

4. Meeting the High School Course Requirements

You must have completed certain high school courses, usually in math or foreign language.  The policy includes the complete list of the required high school courses.

Students who are deficient should plan to make up the course work before entering Penn State.  In some cases, accommodations are made at Penn State for adult students.

Students who do not meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to contact Ashley Anthony, Associate Director Transfer Admissions, to discuss alternative methods of entering the University.