Financial Aid - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about the grants/scholarships/loans I'm receiving?


What do I need to do to use the student loans I've been offered?


When is student aid disbursed to my account?


When will I get my refund'?


Why hasn't my Pennsylvania state grant been applied to my bill?


How do I pay what I owe on my bill?


Where can I get information on scholarships?



Where can I find information about the grants/scholarships/loans I’m receiving?
You can view your Student Aid Summary in eLion ( under the Financial tab.  Log in with your Penn State student access I.D.  Be sure to review the Student Aid Checklist with your Aid Summary to see if you have any incomplete items to take care of.  You should also see your aid applied to your bill under Bursar Tuition Bills in eLion.

What do I need to do to use the student loans I’ve been offered?
If you’re a first-time student loan borrower, you’ll need to complete: 1) Loan Entrance Counseling and a 2) Master Promissory Note at  (This link is provided in your Financial Aid Checklist in eLion.)  You’ll need your FAFSA PIN and your eLion Student Aid Summary to complete the counseling step.  Penn State won’t be able to disburse your loan funds to your account until you’ve completed these steps.

When is student aid disbursed to my account?
Student aid disbursements typically occur during the first week of the semester, if you have submitted any Verification or other documentation we’ve requested.  You will also need to confirm your Attendance/Registration on your tuition bill before your aid will be disbursed.

When will I get my ‘refund’?

If you have more in aid than you need to pay tuition and fees and there are no Verification ‘holds’ on your aid, you’ll receive a refund for the amount of the credit balance.  The refund is made 2 weeks after the credit balance occurs or 2 weeks after the first day of the semester.  To get your money faster with a direct deposit to your bank account, sign up for Rapid Refund in eLion under Refund Information.  If you’re receiving more than you need to cover your expenses, consider reducing your future semester loans in eLion.

Why hasn’t my Pennsylvania state grant been applied to my bill?

Check your PA state grant status at  You’ll need to set up Account Access with PHEAA/AES if you haven’t already. You may need to:

• Complete PHEAA’s state grant application/status notice and print and mail the signature page to PHEAA
• Update your state grant record to show you’re attending Penn State
• Submit requested documentation to PHEAA

How do I pay what I owe on my bill?
There are several payment options available (  Penn State offers a deferred payment plan which allows you to make 3 payments over the semester.  You can select this option when you view/pay your bill in eLion.  Or, if you’re a dependent student and your aid doesn’t cover your tuition and fees, your parent can consider a federal parent PLUS Loan.  You may also consider private (bank, credit union) loans.  You’ll need to apply directly to the lender and will need a co-signer to apply with you.  Information on these loans is available at

Where can I get information on scholarships?

Penn State Abington posts scholarship information at  We also post new outside scholarship opportunities on our Facebook Page at  The University’s website has scholarship information at

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