High School Dual Enrollment Program

High School Dual Enrollment Program

High school students who are interested in taking college courses for credit can apply to do so as a non-degree student. Students must be in their junior or senior year of high school to apply for the High School Dual Enrollment Program.

The following materials need to be sent to Katie Murt (below): 

  • High school transcript (with a copy of a standardized test score if the student is a high school junior; test scores are not required for high school seniors)
  • Letter of permission and support from parent
  • Letter of support from guidance counselor with specific Penn State Abington course(s) and schedule number(s)
  • Non-degree application - contact Katie below for the application form

Course offerings

Courses available to high school students will be changing due to new University policy. Classes that high school dual enrollment students are permitted to take are below.

The deadline to apply for Fall 2016 dual enrollment is July 20th. No applications will be accepted after this time.

Fall 2016

Course Class Section Name Dates/Times
ANTH 021 16483 001-LEC Regular Peter Capelotti M 8-11 am
ANTH 045 16514 001-LEC Regular Jeffrey Ratcliffe M/W 4-5:15
CAMS 045 16094 001S-Lec regular Bryan Polk M W F 8-8:50
CAS 100A 15711 005-LEC regular Janel Dia M W 4-5:15
CAS 100A 15757 009 LEC Regular Diane Mitnick T R 9:05-10:20
CRIM J 100 16302 003-LEC Regular Patricia Collins MWF 8-8:50
ECON 102 15164 001-LEC Regular Lisa Delgado MWF 9:05-9:55
ECON 104 14360 002-LEC Regular Robert Durney T R 9:05-10:20
FR 002 28856 001-LEC regular Jon Needham M W F 2:30-3:45
HIST 020 12432 001-LEC Regular Friederike Baer T R 9:05- 10:20
HIST 21 12657 001-LEC Regular Theodore Zeman T R 9:05-10:20
HIST 21 12668 002-LEC Regular Sharon Holt T R 4:35-5:50
MATH 021 18554 007-LEC regular Janet Swayne T R 9:05-10:20
MATH 022 18738 001-LEC Regular Abbey Auxter MWF 8-8:50
MATH 026 18195 006 Lec Regular Neil Weikel T R 3:05-4:20
MATH 110 18570 001-LEC Regular Arthur Baehr MWF 8-9:15
MATH 140 18850 001-LEC Regular Barry Goluboff MWRF 8-8:50


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Send to:
Katie Murt
fax 215-881-7655

Penn State Abington
1600 Woodland Road
Abington, PA 19001

All students accepted into the High School Non-Degree program will be awarded a “High School Scholarship” that covers one-half the cost of the student’s tuition. The High School Scholarship applies to a maximum of eight credits per semester.

Non-PA residents will pay the current out-of-state tuition rate but will receive a "High School Scholarship" based on the in-state PA resident tuition rates.