Business Services

Business Services

Business Services is responsible for business and operations for Abington College. We are also responsible for administration of Human Resources programs and policies and oversee the administration of the college's physical plant facilities. Business Services coordinates major maintenance and construction projects and ensures compliance with governmental regulations.


Terrence Roman
Chief Operating Officer, 215-881-7305

Alexis Donohue
Assistant Director of Business Services, 215-881-7667


Accounting and Purchasing

Kathy Carlidge
Business Manager, Notary Public, 215-881-7309

Jean Moffatt
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7302


Computer and Network Services

James Mooney
Interim Manager Computer and Network Services, 215-881-7515

Kathleen Shishko
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7514


Emergency Management

Thomas McAneney
Emergency Management Coordinator, 215-881-7666


Environmental Services

Beatrice Tailferro
Supervisor of Housekeeping, 215-881-7372

Ramiah Brown
Housekeeping Foreman, 215-881-7371

Timothy Boone
Housekeeping Foreman, 215-881-7909


Human Resources

Shelba Murray
Administrative Support Coordinator, 215-881-7308

Melissa Praediger
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7305


Office of Physical Plant

Frank Szymkowski
Supervisor of Maintenance and Physical Plant, 215-881-7373

Michael Hartey
Facilities Manager, 215-881-7833

Leigh-Ann Wade
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7370

Jean McAneney
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7663


Post Office

Trevor Hale
Administrative Support Assistant



Louis Clewell
Chief, 215-881-7420

Kim Birch
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7422

Joanne Gibbs
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7422



Yvette Banks
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7310

Elaine Brofft
Administrative Support Assistant, 215-881-7301