Off-Campus Living: Frequently Asked Questions

Off-Campus Living: Frequently Asked Questions

How many students live off campus?

In the 2012-2013 academic year, approximately 90 out-of-town and 26 international first year students (out of 900 total first year students) moved into the Abington area to attend Penn State Abington.

When and how do I go about locating housing?

As soon as a student decides to attend Penn State Abington, he/she should begin the search process. January through early April is the “high season” of apartment searches. In April and May, the majority of students from local colleges sign their leases. The earlier you begin your search the more options and choices will be available to you. There are many resources available to help you in your search. We’re here to help! Click here to get started.

How do I find a roommate(s)?

How to join Penn State Abington’s roommate Facebook:
1. Sign up at, if you do not already have an account.
2. Email Kate Capitano at via your PSU email address with your PSU ID and link to your Facebook page.
3. Once email is received, you will be added to the private group.
4. Feel free to post on wall if searching for a roommate or housing.
5. Email the coordinator at with any further questions.

What is the average rent in this area?

Rents vary depending on the following:

  • Location
  • Number of roommates
  • Furnished apartments vs. unfurnished apartments

Prices also vary greatly depending on the apartment complex, whether utilities are included, and still other factors. The average rent paid by Penn State Abington students falls within a range of $600–750 per month.

How will I get to and from campus?

Penn State Abington offers a shuttle service from some of the surrounding apartment complexes during the academic year; however, there is no shuttle service during the summer months. If transportation is a concern, you are encouraged to choose an apartment within the shuttle service area and/or close to the SEPTA public transportation system. Schedules for both services are available at the Lares Information Desk or go to

What are the areas around campus that I should investigate when looking to rent?

Our campus is located in Abington Township, Montgomery County. Surrounding the campus are many different townships that can provide you with rental opportunities. During your search, include the following towns or areas:


Abington (<1 mi.)
Willow Grove (1.6 mi)
Jenkintown (2.8 mi)
Glenside (3.1mi)
Rockledge (4.9 mi)
Hatboro (4.2 mi)
Horsham (4.6 mi)
Cheltenham (5.1)


Additional resources that can assist you in locating housing are local papers and online sites like Craigslist.