Food Safety Training for Food Safety Managers

Food Safety Training for Food Safety Managers

Earn your certification in just 1 day!*

ServSafe is the industry’s leading food safety certification.  This program, featuring the "SURE Food Safety Manager Manual" textbook, is taught by industry experts.  It provides the latest information and tools for you to use every day and to help you pass the exam.

Pennsylvania requires a retail food facility have at least one employee who holds a valid certificate present at the retail food facility or immediately accessible at all hours of operation and who is the person in charge of the retail food facility when physically present and on duty.

Penn State Abington offers the certification class only**. This class costs $179 and includes the latest version of the SURE food safety text book and exam test sheet.

*With the textbook read and chapter exercises completed before the class date.

**As of 1/1/15 all Pennsylvania Counties with the exception of Chester require food safety managers to retake the exam every 5 years. We have discontinued offering the recertification class for this reason.

Check with your certifying County Board of Health if you have any questions.


2015 Certification Courses

This 16-hour course is composed of 8 hours of home study and 8 hours in class. You will receive the textbook to read in advance and to complete the chapter quizzes. At the conclusion of the class, you will sit for the national exam.

Certification class fee: $179**, includes book and exam answer sheet

Class times: 8 a.m. to 5 or 5:30 p.m. including the exam.

* If you plan on registering for this class you must register at least 10 days before the class date to allow mailing and reading of the textbook.

** 48 hours notice is necessary to cancel or switch your registration to another date.  No refund will be given with less advance notice. Refund amount will reflect the cost of the book, $65, and cancellation fee, $10.