Out of the Box: Che Double Feature

Double Feature (ingles subtitles)

CheChe, Un Hombre De Este Mundo (A Man of this World)

Behind a poster and the myth, appears the exceptional human being that his most trusties "compañeros" of Sierra Maestra, Aleidita, his daughter, Che’s friends and comrades remember.

Stories of combats, guerilla strategy and the incredible everyday life in the middle of the jungle, stories of an effort of being Che and also a father to his children, his work for Cuba’s economy, his endless meetings and his commitment to the voluntary labor.

The story of this simple human being framed by the recent history of a nation. The story of a hero framed by the recent history of the world. Since the very beginning till his death, the story of Ernesto Guevara behind the "Che".


CheSacrificio: Quien Traiciono al Che (Who Betrayed Che Guevara?)

The two young Swedish journalist's Erik Gandini and Tarik Saleh have worked one year with Sacrificio, a film about the events surrounding the death of Che Guevara. They have traveled the world around and met among others the man who shot Che Guevara and the former CIA agent who walks around with Che's last tobacco in his pistol butt.


In their attempts to find out what really happened they discover that the man who is accused of having betrayed Che Guevara as a matter of fact lives in Malmö, in the south of Sweden.