Teach-in on Gun Violence

Building: Woodland

Abington College faculty organize occasional Teach-Ins on controversial topics that affect our students and the larger community.

Teach InWith the issue of gun violence in the news, we think it is a good time to educate ourselves about the issues behind the soundbites.

Teach-ins feature a panel of faculty members representing a spectrum of academic perspectives. By definition, they are unscripted conversations that include participation from both panelists and the audience.

Please join us!

Moderator: Ross Brinkert


  • Salar Ghahramani (Constitutional law)
  • Michael Bernstein (Psychology of social rejection)
  • Judy Newman (Mental health issues)
  • Ron Zigler (Education for moral pluralism)

Faculty, students, staff, and all other members of the Abington College community are invited.

Woodland Commons (outside the library)