Excel Webinar: Ribbons and Autofill and Formulas, Oh My!

Excel update 2013 Webinar

Penn State Abington Free Webinar/Tutorial

Join us at 12:00pm on 5/16 for an interactive, free webinar to learn about the recent updates in Microsoft Excel.


Please register by May 13 - contact Randy Ingbritsen at 215-881-7405, rxi3@psu.edu.

This webinar is the first in an series of training programs brought to you by Penn State Abington's Department of Continuing Education.  Future webinar topics include:

"Know Thyself" - Applying your DISC preference to positive interactions (September 2013)

"Sorting the Cards" - Leadership Architect applications in the office (December 2013)

"Swim lanes 101" - improving Project Management flow (February 2014)