Common Read 2013

Extended Common Break Events


11:30AM Lubert Commons


"Wow, I Can’t Believe You Just Said That:  Communication Skills Workshop"


Anjelica Zeitz and Ellen Murray Brennan

This workshop is part of an ACURA research project examining the effectiveness of guerilla drama in teaching social justice.


Did you ever stand silently by while somebody said or did something that was discriminatory?  Or, did you ever respond to discriminatory comments with name-calling or threats?  Come to our workshop and learn how to effectively express your voice and stand up for what’s right.


The one hour workshop consists of a series of vignettes acted out by Penn State Abington students that model ineffective and effective responses to anti-discriminatory behavior.  Participants will “interrupt” the drama and explore different empowering communication strategies.


12:30PM Lubert Commons

"Making Words Count Performance "

presented by The Abington Theater Club

Spoken word, skit and dramatic readings of the impact and inspiration of words.


12:45PM-1:30PM Lubert Commons

"Ordinary People, Extraordinary Acts" Panel Discussion

Meet students, faculty and staff who are making a positive impact in our local and global community through their actions and deeds. 


Michele Knoeppel        Andy Smith        Marjory Apollon-Shields
Quintara Tucker        Paula Smith         Gillian Siegfried       
Erica Lampe            Dr. Karen Halnon


Inspirational Street Art

All day throughout the Campus

As a true community arts collaboration join art students and the art club in creating or appreciating street art; chalk drawings of those who inspire.