Penn State Theater: Blood at the Root

Building: Sutherland, Room: Sutherland Auditorium

blood at the root cover“Powerful in its audacity, compelling in its passion.”


Don’t miss an exclusive performance of this bold new play inspired by racial tensions at a Louisiana high school in 2006.


Weaving music, dance and poetry, it examines apathy, violence, collective responsibility, African-American male stereotypes, and how we see or don’t see race. Stay for the post-show conversation.


The narrative is interspersed with music, dance and poetry as it examines apathy, violence, collective responsibility, and African-American male stereotypes. "Blood at the Root" debuted to rave reviews during a three-week South African tour last summer.






The play was written by Dominique Morisseau (right), one of the country’s most exciting young playwrights, and commissioned by Penn State University.


Directed, produced and performed by Penn State Centre Stage.


Free admission.

Sutherland Auditorium.