Teach-In on Warzone USA: What's going on in Ferguson?

Building: Woodland

Abington College faculty organize occasional Teach-Ins on breaking news that affects our students and the larger campus community. With an explosive combination of race, poverty, and police brutality, the situation in Ferguson has been complex and rapidly changing, and we think that we should take a moment out of our busy schedule to educate ourselves about it.

Teach-Ins are unscripted conversations among faculty, students, and staff, and we depend on your participation. For this Teach-In, we have gathered a panel of Abington faculty members to share their perspectives on various aspects of the crisis:
• Eric Connolly (Biosocial Criminology) 
• Valeria Harvell (African-American Studies)
• Shan Holt (US History)

As with all teach-ins, all members of the Abington College community are invited to listen, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation. The format is informal and informative.

Please join us to learn and be heard!