Registration for Fall 2016 will take place on Friday, August 19, 2016 

from 9-10 a.m. in the Solarium of the Sutherland Building.



All courses run August 22 to December 9


2022 ARTH  111 001 Anc to Med Art 09:05 am 10:20 am Sutherland 204 Tues, Thurs RUBIN,JOAN S  


28017 ARTH  111 101 Anc to Med Art 06:00 pm 09:00 pm Sutherland 204 Tues RUBIN,JOAN S  Ancient to Medieval Art (3) Survey of Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Early Medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic art, with an emphasis on sculpture and painting. 


29260 ARTH  226 001 Hist Seq Art 01:35 pm 02:50 pm Woodland 313 Tues, Thurs STEINBERG,EMILY J  The Comic Book: A History of Sequential Art (3) An overview and examination of the history of sequential art with a focus on comic books and graphic novels. 


20538 ASTRO  130 001 Blk Holes Universe 09:05 am 10:20 am Woodland 319 Tues, Thurs KAGAN,MIKHAIL A  Black Holes in the Universe (3) The predicted properties of black holes and the astronomical evidence for their existence are investigated in the context of modern ideas about space, time, and gravity.


20531 BISC    1 001 Struct/Func Orgnsm 04:40 pm 05:30 pm Woodland 313 Mon, Wed, Fri JOHN,JOYCE SHIELA  Structure and Function of Organisms (3) An exploration of how cellular structures and processes contribute to life and how life displays unity even in its diversity


19963 BISC    4 002 Human Body 02:30 pm 03:20 pm Woodland 112 Mon, Wed, Fri JOHN,JOYCE   Human Body: Form and Function (3) A general survey of structure and function--from conception, through growth and reproduction, to death.


5506 COMM  150 001 Cinema Art 02:30 pm 05:30 pm Sutherland 009 Tues FRIESEL,BELLA EVE  The Art of the Cinema (3) The development of cinema to its present state; principles of evaluation and appreciation; examples from the past and present.


1017 INART    5 101 ABINGTON 06:00 pm 09:00 pm Woodland 112 Thurs MILLS,MOYLAN C  Performing Arts (3) Introduction to music, dance, and theatre. Orientation to the aesthetics, theory, and practice of professional performance. 


29105 MUSIC    4 001 Film Music 02:30 pm 03:20 pm Woodland 340 Mon, Wed, Fri HAFFLEY,ROBIN LYNN  Film Music (3) An introductory examination of music's role in Hollywood narrative film from the classic era (1930s and 1940s) to the present. 


1416 MUSIC    5 001 Intro/Westrn Music 09:05 am 10:20 am Woodland 340 Tues, Thurs HODOS,GILYA  An Introduction to Western Music (3) A general survey of art music in western society, highlighting important composers and stylistic developments.


1462 MUSIC    7 002 Evolution of Jazz 03:35 pm 04:25 pm Woodland 340 Mon, Wed, Fri HAFFLEY,ROBIN   Evolution of Jazz (3) Study of the origins and development of jazz as an art form. 


1474 MUSIC    8 001 Rud of Mus 10:10 am 11:00 am Woodland 340 Mon, Wed, Fri GALGANSKI,MICHAEL   Rudiments of Music (3) Introduction to the elements of music: notation, scales, meter, rhythm, intervals; basic chord structure. 


1516 MUSIC    9 001 Intro World Musics 12:05 pm 01:20 pm Woodland 340 Tues, Thurs MANN,ROSS   Introduction to World Musics (3) An overview of the music of India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, and the Middle East. 


1197 THEA  102 001 Acting Fund 01:35 pm 02:50 pm SpringHouse 100 Tues, Thurs KEMPER,MARTHA 


1202 THEA  102 002 Acting Fund 04:35 pm 05:50 pm SpringHouse 100 Tues, Thurs KEMPER,MARTHA   Introduction to the art and craft of acting for non-theatre majors. 


1220 THEA  105 001 Intro to Theatre 12:05 pm 01:20 pm SpringHouse 100 Tues, Thurs HATZAI,STEPHEN   An introduction and overview of the history, craft, and art of the theatre to foster an informed appreciation of theatrical events.


1258 THEA  208 001 Workshop: Thea Div 03:05 pm 04:20 pm Spring House 100 Tues, Thurs KEMPER,MARTHA   Workshop: Theatre in Diverse Cultures (3) A performance-oriented class which explores the historic and contemporary theatrical works of various culturally diverse peoples. 


16784 WMNST  103 001 Racism and Sexism 04:35 pm 05:50 pm Sutherland 215 Tues, Thurs HARVELL,VALERIA   Critical analysis of the structure of race and gender inequality in the contemporary United States. 


30213 WMNST  106 001 Wmn Gender and Arts 04:30 pm 07:30 pm Sutherland 308 Thurs ALLISON,LESLIE  Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art and Popular Cultures (3) Interdisciplinary consideration of primary works and scholarship pertaining to women in the humanities and the arts. 


30573 WMNST  117 103 Women/Modern Hist 01:00 pm 04:00 pm Woodland 220 Saturday KLACZYNSKA,BARBARA  Women in Modern History (3) Modernization and women: changing images and roles since mid-eighteenth century in the family, workshop, politics, society. Cross-cultural comparisons. 

The GO-60 Penn State Abington program offers tuition-free enrollment in undergraduate credit courses to people who are:

  • At least 60 years old
  • Retired or working less than half-time
  • Pennsylvania residents
  • Participants of GO-60 are permitted to enroll in undergraduate credit course(s) on a "space available basis" only
  • Applies to courses numbered 001 through 399 that are offered in the afternoon and the evening (morning classes are normally not available except during the summer months)
  • GO-60 is limited to 6 credits per semester. Additional credits may be taken at the current tuition rate. Students must meet any course prerequisites and follow established rules, regulations and procedures applicable to all students.

Please note, due to the record number of undergraduate students registered at Abington, the number of courses available to Go-60 students will be limited.

Also, please note that Go-60 students are responsible for the technology and facilities fees for each course.