Integrative Arts FAQs

Integrative Arts FAQs

Are there requirements to enter the IARAB major?

Yes, students must have a 2.00 cumulative GPA, a “C” or higher in courses already taken that will be used for courses in the IARAB major, and at least 27.1 credits completed (2nd semester standing).           

What if I want to modify my proposal after I have received approval?

The courses you plan to take may change as you progress through the major. If so, you must file an amendment to your proposal, including a specific statement of justification for the change and an explanation of how the change fits with your stated theme. To access the amendment form, please click here. []  The form should be submitted to your IARAB adviser, who will sign and forward it to the Division Head of Arts & Humanities for final approval. It will then be kept on file with your approved proposal.

Am I able to minor in another discipline as an IARAB major?

Courses that fulfill minor requirements may be double counted, with some restrictions, in the IARAB requirements for the major, including 400-level coursework. For a list of minors available at Penn State Abington, please see Penn State Abington Minors.

Am I able to apply transfer credits?

Some transfer credits may be used in the IARAB major, though none of those credits may be 400-level. Students may be requested to provide documentation or descriptions of this transfer coursework.

May I take courses at World Campus or through E-learning to fulfill my IARAB requirements?

Yes, students may take courses for the IARAB degree at World Campus or through E-Learning.

Am I able to pursue another degree or additional majors along with IARAB?

Unfortunately, the combination of general majors and departmental majors is not permitted; therefore, IARAB students may NOT complete simultaneous degree or multiple major programs.

William Cromar
Program Chair

Roy Robson, Ph.D.
Division Head, Arts and Humanities
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