Mission and Values

Mission and Values


The Abington College of the Pennsylvania State University will be recognized as a top-tier regional public college, distinguished in its integration of teaching, learning, research, service, and public scholarship.


Penn State Abington, a distinguished baccalaureate campus college within a world-class, land-grant research university, creates transformative educational experiences that empower students to forge their own success as productive, responsible, and discerning citizens of a global society.

In a multicultural and student-centered setting, the Abington College provides multiple educational options for degree choice, campus location, learning strategies, disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, experiential and public scholarship, leadership, and civic commitment, culminating in the integration of academic learning with life experiences.


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Core Values "Who We Are”

We are united by our value of education and Penn State to form a community that honors academic excellence, opportunity, growth, and diversity.

  • Academic Excellence - We are committed to providing and fostering academic excellence and to lifelong learning, scholarship and service.
  • Community - We are a caring, student-centered community that promotes ethical behavior.
  • Diversity - We are a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment which values civility and respect and celebrates our diversity.
  • Growth - We are a community focused on the growth and development of our students, faculty, and staff and the college as a whole.
  • Opportunity - We are a college providing pathways to opportunity and achievement by combining the advantages of a small college with the resources of a large university.


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