Pre-Med Camp - Discover Your Inner Doctor

Pre-Med Camp - Discover Your Inner Doctor

Let’s get medical! Put on your lab coat and join us as we explore various medical fields and components involved with each, including anatomy, physiology, psychology, genetics and biology. Pre-Med campers will learn medication math and will be introduced to lots of frequently used medical terminology to help prepare them for a future working in the medical field.  To truly understand the human body, elements of the eleven organ systems will be researched and then applied with hands on projects and other learning activities.  This is an excellent opportunity to explore future careers in medicine.  Kick off your medical journey and see what it’s like to be a nurse, doctor, psychologist, biologist or medical examiner! Are you ready to call the shots?

Activities will include:

  • Creating edible DNA helix and genetics structures
  • Sculpting 4D internal organs out of clay
  • Learning about ink blot tests and other psychological quizzes
  • Making your own medical notebook to aid with medical research and findings
  • Participating in "What would you do?" and "Did you save the patient?" scenario activities

Camp Details

Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Grade Level: Entering Grades 7-12