Campus & Community Resources

Campus & Community Resources

Resources On Campus

Counseling and Psychological Services
A full-time Clinical Psychologist is available to all Penn State Abington students. The counseling office is located in 103 Cloverly. Contact campus psychologist at 215-881-7577.

Personal Support Team (PST)
The PST consists of faculty and staff available to lend short-term support to students in distress. This is not a professional counseling service. Students may contact any PST member to set up an appointment:


JANET MIGNOGNO, Administrative Assistant | 215-881-7335 | 119 Sutherland

CHRIS WALTERS, Coordinator for Student Success | 215-881-7964 | 317ASutherland


LATANYA MOORE, Director of Admissions | 215-881-7604 | 106 Sutherland


CATHERINE KNIELE, Administrative Assistant | 215-881-7417 | 103 Athletics Building

DEB SOLFARO, Director of Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation | 215-881-7443 | Athletic Building, First Floor


TINA VANCE-KNIGHT, Director, Career & Professional Development | 215-881-7512 | 205 Lares

JEREMY LESSARD, Assistant Director of Career Development Center | 215-881-7393 | 204 Lares


MICHAEL REESE, Interim Supervisor for Center for Teaching and Learning | 215-881-7818 | 218 Sutherland


KEISHA JOHNSON, Conduct Standards Coordinator | 215-881-7880 | 102B Lares


RACHAEL BROWN, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education | 215-881-7802 | 207 Cloverly
Office Hours: W 10am-2:00pm and Th 9:30-10:30am or by appointment

PATRICIA COLLINS, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice | 215-881-7533 | 310A Sutherland
Office Hours: MWF 8-9:00am and 11-12:00pm or by appointment

JAMES GEORGES, Lecturer in Business | 215-881-7476 | 324 Sutherland
Office Hours: T 5- 6:00pm, Th 5-6:00pm (217 Sutherland), Sat. 8-9:00am (319 Woodland)

ZAFER HATAHET, Division Head, Science and Engineering; Professor of Biology | 215-881-7560 | 218 Woodland

ANN MARTINELLI, Lecturer in Education | 215-881-7914 | 207 Cloverly
Office Hours: W 10am-2:00pm and T-Th 1:30-3:00pm

MARY MURPHY, Lecturer in Biology | 330 Woodland
Office Hours: W 12-2:00pm, F 10am-12:00pm, and W 9-10:00pm online via email

YVONNE LOVE, Assistant Professor of Art | 215-881-7867 | 229 Woodland
Office Hours: MW 12-1:00pm and TH 3-4:30pm

ROY ROBSON, Division Head, Arts and Humanities | 215-881-7446 | 119 Sutherland

FRAN SESSA, Division Head, Psychological and Social Sciences | 215-881-7406 | 119 Sutherland


Please call 215-881-7575 24/7 to contact the Personal Support Team officer on duty:

  • Richard Alderson
  • Jacqueline Marron
  • Tevin Miller
  • Nadine Urban
  • Daniel Youk


BETH BRADLEY, Associate Director of Student Affairs | 215-881-7510 | 209 Lares

GINA D'AMATO-KAUFMAN, Director of Student Affairs | 215-881-7346 | 106 Sutherland

MARCIA DELIA, Administrative Assistant | 215-881-7391 | 106 Sutherland


KATE BRICE, Coordinator of Student Life Programs | 215-881-7926 | 208 Lares

TRACY REED, Assistant Director of Student Life | 215-881-7508 | 211 Lares 


PAM BROBST, Special Events Coordinator | 215-881-7634 | Rydal Executive Plaza 2nd Floor

Resources in the Community

Aldersgate is a private, non-profit social service agency located at 42 North York Rd., Willow Grove, PA 19090. Any student in distress may be referred through Health Services for 3 counseling sessions paid by Penn State Abington. If further treatment is required, the student is responsible for ongoing fees on a sliding scale.

The Growth Opportunity Center is a community counseling center located at 928 Jaymor Road Suite B-150 Southampton, PA 18966. Any student in distress may be referred through Health Services for 2 counseling sessions paid by Penn State Abington. Agency will accept most insurance should students continue in treatment.