SGA Candidates 2016 - 17

SGA Candidates 2016 - 17


Brittany Hall

My name is Brittany Hall and I am currently the LEAP Liaison here at Penn State Abington. Although I have not held this position for long, I am still very involved in student life and LOVE our school. I am a freshman here at Penn State majoring in Rehabilitation and Human Services with a dream of helping others. I graduated last June from William Tennent High School with First Honors and held many leadership positions throughout my time there. For the past five years I have worked at a retirement home and in my free time I enjoy volunteering in our area. I will be running for SGA Secretary because I know I would be a great fit for the job and would be willing to assist anyone throughout their time here at Penn State Abington.

I am with great understanding that this role is very important. I would be a great secretary for SGA because I am extremely understanding, patient and very hardworking. I am very hard on myself when it comes to school and extracurricular. Also, I care about this school so much that I would make sure student’s voices are heard. I believe that everyone should have an outstanding college experience and being the secretary of SGA would allow me to do so. Helping make our school even greater than it already is, is the main reason I will be running for this position. I would never take a position just to put it on a resume or to simply have prestige, I genuinely care about our school and student body.

My whole entire life my parents—and especially my grandfather—have said I am a “go-getter”. When I want something, I go for it. I work until I get what I want—and I work extremely hard to get it. On top of that I am extremely understanding and care for everyone—I

Vice President

Charlena Frank

My name is Charlena Frank and I am the current Treasurer for SGA and I want to be your SGA Vice President. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in Abington. I often travel back and forth to visit family, so I know both areas very well. I went to high school at Abington Sr. High School and loved the area so much that I decided to go to college here at Penn State Abington. I love to be involved and meet knew people so I am apart of a lot of clubs including SGA, Lion Ambassadors, LEAP and Abington Christian Fellowship.This helped me to improve my social and communication skills. By being in all these clubs, I have had the pleasure of talking to some wonderful students and getting to learn about their experiences on campus.

My goal as Vice President would be and is to give the students a voice as well as help to create strong memories for them at the Penn State Abington campus. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this campus, and with this position I want all students that pass through the campus to feel the Penn State Pride that I feel on campus and off.