Stand for State

Stand for State

We Care. We Act. We Are.

Stand for State is Penn State University’s commitment to stopping sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking through Bystander Intervention.

It's your right to be safe from sexual and relationship violence and our community's responsibility to protect others. 

What is a Bystander?

  • Anyone who sees or hears a behavior that could lead to something high risk or harmful. "Do I get involved and try to make things better?"

Stand for State teaches specific tactics to safely and effectively intervene and diffuse potentially risky situations among your peers:

  • Direct: Confront the person.
  • Distract: Change the conversation and energy of the interaction by suggesting options. For example, dancing, talking to another person, moving to a different setting.
  • Delegate: Alert someone you feel will be successful in managing the problem (another friend, public safety officer, faculty).

Future Stand for State programs will provide intervention skills for situations involving:

  • mental health
  • bias
  • alcohol and drug use