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5K scholarship run

Penn State Run at Abington

The annual Penn State Run at Abington in memory of Deb Andress, a longtime lacrosse coach and faculty member.   

Abington global studies Malta

Photo of the Week: Abington students in Malta

Penn State Abington students spent spring break studying business ethics in Malta. Along with coursework, student and photographer Rebecca Stitzinger found inspiration in the Mediterranean Sea.

Global studies India Nepal

Abington faculty visit Nepal, India to prep for new study abroad course

The exploratory trip is the first step in developing a Penn State Abington information sciences and technology course with a required short-term study abroad component.
Abington study abroad

Spring break Abington-style: Study abroad, service, leadership training

Penn State Abington students, faculty and staff traveled to Malta, England, Ireland, South Dakota, and Delaware to study, perform service, and participate in an intense leadership retreat.
Global studies Abington

Study Abroad: Comparative Criminal Justice in England

Penn State Abington students traveled to New Bucks University outside of London to compare and contrast the justice systems in the United States and England.

CHANCE Cuba study abroad

Applications available for summer study abroad in Cuba

Penn State Abington students have the opportunity to become among the first college students to study in Cuba through a summer research practicum focusing on Cuban conservation efforts and environmental policies.
Grand Hank

Abington education majors science presentation

Penn State Abington education majors hosted fourth-graders from four Philadelphia elementary schools for a science presentation and worked with the them on math, literacy, and science.

Abington education majors

Grand Hank primary

Grand Hank, a former research scientist and STEM advocate, at Penn State Abington.