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Bonnie Levinthal

Abington art professor named finalist in competition

The Print Center in Philadelphia has selected Bonnie Levinthal as a finalist in its 91st annual International Competition. View the Penn State Abington professor's award-winning work through a special online exhibition.
Penn State Abington art faculty

Bonnie Levinthal

Earthview 21 (2016), Bonnie Levinthal, Suminagashi (Japanese paper marbling) monotype, 30 inches by 22 inches.

Abington self-portrait

Ultimate selfies: Artists mine emotions for oversize self-portraits

Think of the self-portrait as the soul-searching cousin to the ubiquitous selfie, and then walk into a Penn State Abington art studio. One is confronted by 10-foot-tall self-portraits that command the space.
Abington self-portraits

Jordan Miller

Sophomore art major Jordan Miller initially developed 16 images and then pared it down to eight. His favorite medium is spray paint so he laid the pieces on a base of graffiti. Jordan identifies strongly with his hometown so he incorporated the Philadelphia skyline and the year of his birth, 1996, while he looks out over his city. He also included a memorial to his best friend. "Showing how fragile life is is the driving force behind my art," he said.  

Abington internship

Penn State Abington Photo of the Week

Penn State Abington student Janine Rajauski created a mural based on the popular Miss Spider children's character in the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department at Holy Redeemer Health. Rajauski, a psychological and social sciences major at Penn State Abington, is an intern at Holy Redeemer.

Art abington self-portrait

Gina Herrera

Art major Gina Herrera's self-portrait focuses on her ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) diagnosis. She often feels scattered so she randomly assembled it to convey the feeling. The pinks and blues are medications, and the clock signifies the constant feeling of being pressed for time. The blocks of color indicate her feelings and mood swings: red = anger, purple = down, yellow = happy, green = neutral.   

Abington art self-portraits

Tim Mulvey

Tim Mulvey working in one of the studios at Penn State Abington.

Art Abington self-portrait

Tom Mulvey Self-Portrait

Tom Mulvey, a non degree student, decided to created a digital portrait of his own face on a gallery wall while simultaneously portraying himself as the audience member. "You have to look at yourself and understand who you are," he said.

Sunday Muse

Local folk-pop band to bring its 'Muse' to Abington

With a sound blending the rich harmonies and lyrics of the Simon & Garfunkel era with a modern sensibility, the local five-piece folk-pop band Sunday Muse will entertain at the Penn State Abington outdoor amphitheater on May 18. The concert is free and open to the public.
Sunday Muse

Sunday Muse

Sunday Muse