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Abington ACURA

Undergraduate research

Penn State Abington student Cullen Wilcox (left) explains his project, Controlling a Quadcopter Using Computer Vision.  

Abington public history

Hidden Histories of Cheltenham

During the Civil War, United States Colored Troops trained at Camp William Penn in Cheltenham Township. 

Abington ACURA

Abington undergraduate research

Penn State Abington Information Sciences and Technology students and faculty discuss their collaborative project with Yvonne Love (right), Assistant Professor of Art. 

Abington undergraduate research


The Abington College Undergraduates Research Activities (ACURA) poster fair includes technology demonstrations such as the Hololens augmented reality software.

Abington ACURA

Abington undergraduate research ACURA

Penn State Abington students Alyson Farkas, Matt Brownell, and Yemaya Abney earned a blue ribbon for their project, "A Survey with Radio Astronomy of Cold H1 Clouds in the Milky Way."

undergraduate research Abington

Abington student researchers study rare texts at exclusive library

Penn State Abington students examined 400-year-old materials and met with renowned scholars at Washington, D.C.'s Folger Shakespeare Library.
Abington undergraduate research

Folger Shakespeare Library

This text, housed at the Folger Shakespeare Library, was written in 1651. 

Folger Library

Rachael Ngandwe

Rachael Ngandwe, an English major, was one of four students who accompanied a faculty member to the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.

Abington undergraduate research

Folger Library

Penn State Abington sophomore Eric Seamans examines a manuscript at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.