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Abington study abroad

Abington art students earn grants to study in Scotland

Two Penn State Abington art majors will collaborate with their counterparts in Scotland.
Penn State Abington

Students from Abington, Stanford, NYU selected for elite journal

The competition was fierce but a Penn State Abington student's carefully crafted research and writing was selected for The Dialectics.
Breshay Lews Abington

Breshay Lewis

Breshay Lewis, a psychological and social sciences major, plans to graduate from Penn State Abington in May.

Dylan Weisman

Penn State alumnus Dylan Weisman thrives owning entertainment business

Life is defined by moments, but for Penn State graduate Dylan Weisman, his entire entrepreneurship journey has been on an incline.
Abington tutoring

The Learning Center Abington

Michelle Agudell and Anthony Guckin work with tutor Michele Harbison.

Abington tutoring

The Learning Center Abington

Junior Brandyy Edwards with Dr. Thomas R. Smith, retired English faculty member, volunteers as a tutor in The Learning Center at Penn State Abington.

Jacklin Rhoads

Abington alumna now press secretary for U.S. senator

Jacklin Rhoads credits her experience at Penn State Abington for supporting her career success.

Soup-er alumna

Recent Penn State Abington alumna Melissa Aguilar plans to complete graduate school at Columbia University while working for Campbell Soup Co.
Student success at Abington

SEAL feature image

Students at the Abington Lion Shrine.