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Abington study abroad

Abington art student ireland

Penn State Abington art students traveled to Ireland during spring break 2017 as part of a course with required international travel.

Abington study abroad

Abington art students earn grants to study in Scotland

Two Penn State Abington art majors will collaborate with their counterparts in Scotland.
Abington global programs

Two-way international study benefits English and Abington students

At Penn State Abington, hearing the legendary cry ‘The British are coming!’ isn’t cause for alarm, it’s cause for celebration.
Abington study abroad

Malta cafe

Penn State Abington students eating in a traditional Maltese cafe during their one-week study abroad experience.


Professor shares transformative Malta experience with Abington students

A Penn State Abington professor's time in Malta was so transformative that he organized a short-term study abroad course so he could share the experience with his students.
Abington global studies Malta

Photo of the Week: Abington students in Malta

Penn State Abington students spent spring break studying business ethics in Malta. Along with coursework, student and photographer Rebecca Stitzinger found inspiration in the Mediterranean Sea.

Global studies India Nepal

Abington faculty visit Nepal, India to prep for new study abroad course

The exploratory trip is the first step in developing a Penn State Abington information sciences and technology course with a required short-term study abroad component.
Abington study abroad

Spring break Abington-style: Study abroad, service, leadership training

Penn State Abington students, faculty and staff traveled to Malta, England, Ireland, South Dakota, and Delaware to study, perform service, and participate in an intense leadership retreat.