What's Inside Your PC?

What's Inside Your PC?

Have you ever wondered what makes your computer work? What do all of the different parts of the computer do and how do they work together to make your computer run? How can different computers talk to each other all over the world through the internet and what does a programmer have to do to create your favorite websites or computer games? Find out in the What’s Inside Your PC class. In this class students will have the chance to work in teams and use what they learn to rebuild their computers. Lessons will concentrate on operating systems, networking, network security, and various other

This camp focuses on:

  • Understanding, identifying, and explaining the parts and functions of a computer
  • Working in group settings to foster collaboration and teamwork
  • Participating in a variety of activities that include rebuilding computers, setting up networks and network security, coding in HTML, etc.
  • Learning how to write the code for simple computer programs.

Camp Details

Mon- Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.