ACURA is Undergraduate Research

ACURA is Undergraduate Research

It is the mission of Abington College Undergraduate Research Activities (ACURA) to develop students who are critical thinkers and creative scholars by engagement in scientific experimentation, inquiry-based research, and exploration of the arts through a year long research experience within our community of teacher-scholars.

ACURA offers Penn State Abington students the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate closely with a faculty research mentor on a hands-on research project and/or creative work over the course of one academic year,
  • Receive academic credit (one credit in fall; two credits in the spring) for their research activity,
  • Gain valuable research, technical, and artistic experience for more advanced levels of scholarly work, and/or for use in future careers,
  • Present one’s research findings at the Annual ACURA Poster Fair, at a research lecture at the Fall Colloquium, and/or at a local or national research conference
  • Publish one’s original work and discoveries in partnership with one’s research mentor.

The Impact of ACURA

Penn State Abington research students talk about the impacts of their faculty/student projects.

Jim Hopf, Andy Vo

April 11, 2018 ACURA Award Winners 


Division of Arts and Humanities

Blue Ribbon:

What’s in a Recipe?

Rachael Shulman, Rachael Ngandwe, Amber Rader, Eric Seamans

Faculty Advisor: Marissa Nicosia


Honorable Mention:

"Why am I so helpless?" A feminist analysis of atomic era pulp fiction, 1950s -early 1970s

Kelsey Pursel

Faculty Advisor: Jimmy J. Pack Jr.


Division of Science and Engineering

Blue Ribbon:

Effect of 1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones on Cancer Cell Proliferation in Vitro

Alaa Alkurdi, Taylor Houston

Faculty Advisors: Eric Ingersoll, Kevin Cannon


Design and Fabrication of CubeSat Prototype and High Altitude Testing via Weather Balloon

Kevin Burns, Spencer Yeingst, Harry Sykes, and Andrew Fnu

Faculty Advisors: Masataka Okutsu, Sabahattin Gokhan Ozden


A Survey with Radio Astronomy of Cold HI Clouds in the Milky Way

Yemaya Abney, Matt Brownell, Alyson Farkas

Faculty Advisors: Ann Schmiedekamp, Carl Schmiedekamp


Honorable Mention:

Assessing Virtual Modeling Methods & Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Lower Extremity Prosthetic Sockets”

Julio Aira IV, Jason Fink, Ya Mei, Manuel Roshart

Faculty Advisor: Mukul Talaty


Examining the potential of a memory metal solid state heat engine

Harrison Weiss, Makarand Wadagave

Faculty Advisor: Marcus Besser


Synthesis of 2-(methylthio) and 2-(phenylthio)ketones

Hannah Ahn, Annie Dinh, Saad Zubair

Faculty Advisor: Ahmed Y. Nuriye


Inhibition of Invasive Behavior of HeLa, T1, and C5 Cancer Cell Lines by Blocking Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity

Miguel Costa

Faculty Advisor: Eric Ingersoll


Ascorbate Decreases Proliferation of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor

Sean Sandgren, William Romano, Adam Wasserman

Faculty Advisor: Thomas McGuire


Investigation of a Reported Synthesis of White Lead Pigment

Alejandra Barmash, Harika Karyampudi

Faculty Advisor: Kevin Cannon


Influencing Factors in Today’s Economic Growth

Sol Mendoza

Faculty Advisor: Amreeta Choudbury


Division of Social Science

Blue Ribbon:

Hungry? Eat Garbage! 

Catherine Chungag and Zelnnetta Clark

Faculty Advisor: Kathleen Fadigan


Examining Perceived Exclusions's Role in Evaluating Single-Group Protestors Utilizing Virtual Reality 

Robert J.Nutt

Faculty Advisor: Michael J. Bernstein


Honorable Mention:

Biopsychosocial Risk Factors Moderate Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Pathway to Coronary Artery Disease

Sarah Galang

Faculty Advisors: Patricia Miranda-Hartsuff, Selena Ortiz


The Overdose Epidemic: In Search of Solutions

Robert Zigmund, Analyn Salabia, Megan Wolfinger

Faculty Advisors: Sabahattin Gokhan Ozden , Oren Gur


Virtual Realities Effect on the Misinformation Effect

Carly Koenig

Faculty Advisors: Jacob A. Benfield, Michael Bernstein


Library Information Awards:

What's in a Recipe?

Rachael Shulman, Rachael Ngandwe, Amber Rader, and Eric Seamans

Faculty Advisor: Marissa Nicosia


Technological Competence Creation of EMNCs and Performance: Empirical Justification of EMNC Theories

Conger Wang

Faculty Advisor: Feng Zhang


Effect of 1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones on cancer cell proliferation in vitro

Alaa Alkurdi, Taylor Houston,

Faculty Advisor: Eric Ingersoll, and Kevin Cannon