Criminal Justice in England

Criminal Justice in England

Crim Justice class

CRIMJ 499 is an embedded stand-alone program that has an international overseas required travel component during Spring Break. This course focuses on a body of scholarship addressing the critical issues, policies, and complexities of the criminal justice system in the US and UK.

Criminal Justice Studies in EnglandIt includes specific topics on key components of the system while demonstrating the intra-relationships of the system. Students will be provided numerous opportunities to broadly survey the concept of justice as well as investigate comparative issues on a governmental level and internationally.

Topics have a wide range including the analysis of specific social and justice system challenges such as substance abuse, family violence, minorities and justice, street crime, corrections for adults and juveniles, sentencing patterns, and ethics.

Students will also analyze the global impact of criminality as they study transnational crime and the challenges faced by the collaboration of nations. They will be required to familiarize themselves with electronic websites, refereed journals, and national and international events for class discussion, research, and writing assignments.

By the end of the course, the expectation will be to integrate the information of the semester into comparisons and critical evaluation of the criminal justice system components.