Diversity and Inclusion for the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion for the Workplace

Spanish for Professionals
This program is designed for professionals who interact with Spanish-speaking individuals but possess limited Spanish proficiency. Customized training is offered to cohorts based on initial language comprehension assessments (basic and intermediate).

ESL All Levels
Designed for professionals who have taken an ESL course but desire further training. Grammar, oral and written communication training will be included in this training along with practice exercises.

Diversity 2.0
A workshop with interactive presentations, discussions, interaction, assessments and action plans. Topics include: integrating diversity into strategic planning; cultural intelligence and leadership; intercultural communication styles; supervisor and supervisee; bridging the communication gap; how gender and generation affect communication; managing change with diverse participants.

Needs Assessments are the first step in identifying employee skills gaps. Assessments can determine what sort of knowledge, skills, and/or abilities your employees possess so that we can deliver  customized training. This results in increased employee performance and return on your investment. Implicit Assessment Test (IAT)

Why Diversity is Important in the Workplace
Educating managers and staff on how to work effectively in a diverse environment helps businesses prevent discrimination and promote inclusiveness. There is evidence that managing a diverse workforce can contribute to increased staff retention and productivity.

Why Penn State Abington?
Penn State Abington Workforce Solutions is committed to providing our business partners with comprehensive, customized staff engagement programs that can be delivered on-site. Diversity-related programs serve a vital need for local employers across all industries.  We offer these programs under the College’s mission of the Center for Intercultural Leadership and Communication (CILC). This initiative fosters improved communication and leadership skills that can be applied in local business settings, with a specific interest in diversity and inclusion content.