Internship FAQs for Employers

Internship FAQs for Employers

Are you interested in helping a student gain valuable work experience by providing them with an internship in a professional work environment? Here are some frequently asked questions you may have about providing an internship for a Penn State Abington student.

How might an intern help me and my company?

  • Benefit from a diverse, talented student who is proficient in current technologies and work skills
  • Assign the intern with work assignments that may otherwise overwhelm your current workforce
  • Benefit from a motivated student who is looking for a challenge

What are my responsibilities as the employer?

  • Provide general supervision and assign an on-site supervisor
  • Outline your expectations and the expectations of the intern
  • Complete two formal job performance evaluations
  • Provide relevant and career-related projects to assist the intern in gaining an understanding of the career path he or she has chosen

How many hours are involved?
Students work on the average of 15-25 hours per week which can total 200-450 hours per semester, depending upon the intern’s major. Some flexibility for starting and finishing dates is permitted.

What about compensation?
The University generally recommends that student interns be paid by the employer. However, an unpaid, quality experience will still benefit students who are required to complete an internship.

When can I get started?
Students begin the application process in January for a fall internship, and in September for a spring internship.