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New Student Orientation (NSO)

New Student Orientation (NSO)

Welcome First Year Students!

Fall New Student Orientation for Spring first year student admits is a one day mandatory program which includes meeting with an adviser to schedule courses. Families are welcome to attend but are not required. 

Below is the date for Fall NSO:

Tuesday December 18th 9:15am-5:00pm

Snow Date—Thursday December 20th 

Summer New Student Orientation for Fall first year student admits is a two-day mandatory program with an overnight optional stay.

Dates for Summer 2019 will be posted in April 2019. 

Day 1 of NSO is an ALL DAY MANDATORY 8:30AM-5:00PM PROGRAM FOR STUDENTS. Dinner and evening activities are optional but HIGHLY encouraged for all students. Families are welcome to attend but are not required. 

Day 2 of NSO is MANDATORY FOR STUDENTS 8:30AM-11:30AM. Families are NOT encouraged to attend and are NOT permitted to attend the advising session.

**Families and/or guests are NOT PERMITTED TO STAY OVERNIGHT in Lions Gate. This is for students only!


Please follow the steps listed below so you can attend your NSO.

Once you login to your Penn State Access Account for the first time, below are five-steps required prior to attending New Student Orientation:

1. Take your ALEKS Math Assessment
2. Make your Reservation to attend
3. Fill out your Educational Planning Survey
4. Upload Immunization Records
5. Complete your Pre-NSO Homework

All instructions for the 5 steps above will be sent to your Penn State email and the personal email you provided on your Penn State application.  Please login here to access your Penn State email by using your Access Account user ID and password. Please update this link to Office 365**

1. Take Your ALEKS Math Assessment

Completing the ALEKS Math Assessment is required of all entering first-year students regardless of AP, IB, dual enrollment, and CLEP credits. All majors at the University require courses in quantification. You may not take certain courses in mathematics, statistics, or chemistry without demonstrating readiness through this assessment.
There is no additional cost associated with completing the ALEKS Math Assessment.

Click here for additional information and to take your ALEKS Math Assessment.

2. Make a Reservation & Pay a Fee for Your NSO

Within one week of completing your ALEKS Math Assessment and Educational Planning Survey, you will receive an email invitation to make your reservation and pay your fee for New Student Orientation. 

For Spring Admits—students are required to pay a $30 fee to cover cost of your program.

For Fall Admits--students are required to pay a $50/$90 fee to cover costs of your program costs. The $90 fee is for students who take advantage of the overnight stay at our new residence hall, Lions Gate. PLEASE NOTE: Families and friends will not be permitted to stay at Lions Gate.

You will not be eligible to access our Penn State Orientation Reservation System until you receive this email with the subject "Make Your Reservation for NSO".  This email will come directly to you at your PSU email and your personal email you provided on your application to Penn State. You will need your Penn State Access Account to make a reservation for NSO.

Review your reservation. Be sure to click "Submit" at the top or bottom of the page to reserve your seat at NSO. Your reservation is not guaranteed until you click "Submit".

3. Complete Your Educational Planning Survey

This survey is used to help your academic adviser assist you with your educational goals during NSO. The survey should only take about 15-20 minutes to complete and must be completed using your Penn State Access Account.

To complete your Educational Planning Survey, log in to LionPath with your Penn State Access Account.

The Educational Planning Survey should be just above your link to ALEKS in your LionPATH Student Center. Both are listed on the right side of the Home tab (just below the grey Quick Links boxes).

4. Upload Immunization Records

All incoming undergraduate students must submit proof of immunizations prior to their arrival on campus.  If you do not submit your record registration hold will be placed on your account which can prevent class registration.

Please use this link to complete the two-step process to submit your records.
If you have any questions about immunization records, please contact Michele Scott, Campus Nurse 215-881-7350 or mus959@psu.edu.

5. Do Your Pre-NSO Homework

To prepare for your successful transition to Penn State, please complete the following assignments before attending NSO.  All modules have important information to assist you in your transition to Penn State.
Transfer Credit Worksheet - REQUIRED
Complete this assignment if you took Advanced Placement (AP) exams, International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, or courses for college credit at another institution. Being aware of potential course credits you may be bringing with you will help you make better decisions when scheduling courses for your first semester.
If you need to complete this assignment, download it by clicking here.
Delegated Access in LionPATH - REQUIRED
With the delegated access function in LionPATH, you can grant your parents/family members the ability to view a selection of your student data (e.g., financial aid, grades, course schedule). To set up delegated access, you will need your parent's/family member's personal email address. Once you grant access, your parent/family member will receive an email with further instructions on how to view your student data within LionPATH. You can learn more about Delegated Access by watching the module below.
Setting up Delegated Access
Please note: The following Pre-NSO Homework items will not be available to you until one (1) week before your scheduled NSO.
Pre-Registration Activity Guide - REQUIRED
The Pre-Registration Activity is required to be completed before your NSO, as it is a necessary step before scheduling courses. The Pre-Registration Activity Guide includes the completion of your Financial Responsibility Agreement, your Emergency Contact and Missing Person Notification information. This important step must be completed before course registration for each semester at Penn State. The following module will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can complete your Pre-Registration Activity Guide.
Pre-Registration Activity Guide
Course Registration Overview - REQUIRED
These modules will help you understand factors affecting your course selection, how to use the Schedule Builder, Shopping Cart, and LionPATH to schedule those classes, and some ways to fine-tune your schedule. Reviewing these modules in advance of NSO will help prepare you for advising and course scheduling during NSO.


If you are having issues viewing the assignments above, please make sure that you have the proper software. To view the interactive modules, you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.

We’re excited to see you at Orientation!


2018 Orientation Leaders