Policy - Honors Recognition, Regalia and Ornamentation at Commencement

Policy - Honors Recognition, Regalia and Ornamentation at Commencement

Honors Group - Recognition and Ornamentation Permitted

Penn State Abington recognizes graduates with certain academic honors, "The Honors Group," by listing their names in the printed program under the categories of: With Highest Distinction, With High Distinction, With Distinction, and University Scholars, which are our students receiving the Schreyer Honors College Diploma.  These honors alone are listed because they are university-wide and identified by the University Registrar’s Office. Graduates receiving the designation of With Highest Distinction, With High Distinction, and With Distinction, are permitted to wear academic honor cords.

Penn State Abington also allows some students in the Honors Group (specifically the Valedictorian, Student Marshals and students graduating from the Schreyer Honors College) to wear ornamentation in the form of a medallion.

Other Honors - Recognition and Ornamentation Permitted

Veterans of the United States Military, and members of nationally-recognized honor societies who achieved their membership as a Penn State Abington student, are permitted to wear ornamentation during the ceremony in the form of cords and/or pins only. 

Ribbons, scarves, stoles, sashes and medallions are not permitted.  Graduates with these outstanding achievements will not be recognized in the commencement ceremony or printed program.

Ornamentation and Recognition Not Permitted

All ornamentation (including pins, cords, ribbons, scarves, stoles, sashes,medallions, etc.) representing other honorary societies, nationalities, fraternities, sororities, clubs, organizations, etc., is not permitted, except those listed above.

Regalia and Ornamentation


Regalia - ceremonial clothes required for participation in the academic procession and ceremony (specifically the cap, gown and degree/school hood).

Ornamentation - an embellishment (specifically a medallion, ribbons, cords, scarves, stoles, sashes, etc) that can be required or awarded as part of the ceremony.

Adopted: 4/2/09
Revised: 3/21/16