Roommate Advice

Roommate Advice

Choosing to live with one or more roommates can be a great experience. Think about compatible lifestyle and study habits when searching for a roommate since these are important aspects of living with others throughout college. Remember, if you’re going to be living with a person it is okay to ask questions. Below are some questions that should be considered when looking for a roommate:

  • Lifestyle: Will your new roommate be a student? Think about studying, cleaning and sleeping schedules and habits.
  • Guests: Are guests welcome in the house? How do you decide whether or not friends can visit or stay overnight? How many guests at one time are acceptable?
  • Socializing: Do you want to be friends with your roommate, or just acquaintances that live with each other? Do your personalities match or clash?
  • Studying/Quiet Time: When will the house be quiet on weeknights and weekends?
  • Responsibilities: Make sure you think about cleaning, chores, trash night, paying rent and taking messages.
  • Pets: Do you want pets in your household? Are they allowed in your lease?
  • Rent Payment: When is the rent due? What happens if someone pays the rent late? Who is signing the lease?
  • Problems: How will disagreements be settled? How will they be approached?
  • Substances: What substances are you going to allow in your home? Think about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
  • House Supply Checklist: Who will be buying household items? Will costs be split?

Roommate Contract

The Roommate Contract is not meant to be a legal document, but it is to be used as a way to set ground rules for your and your roommate(s). It will help clearly explain how to handle paying bills, how to divide up chores, and other issues that come up with living other people.

How can I find a roommate?

We do not match students up with roommates, but we can help!

There is a Facebook page specifically for students who are looking for roommates. The site is for people who are looking for roommates and who are attending or will be attending Penn State Abington the following semester.

Even if you don't know anyone in the area, the Facebook page is still the best place to start looking. Through Facebook the office posts important information about activities on campus, information about living on your own, and it is the best place to ask about the different apartments. You can even ask about what it is like to live in the area.

  1. How to join Penn State Abington’s roommate Facebook: Sign up at, if you do not already have an account.
  2. Email Kate Brice with your PSU user name and your Facebook email address username.
  3. You will then be sent a confirmation by the Facebook manager.
  4. Research through Penn State Abington’s Facebook account’s wall and members. Feel free to post on wall if searching for a roommate or housing.
  5. If you do not have a Facebook account we suggest that you sign up for one, even if you do not use it for anything else except look for housing and roommates. If in your location Facebook is blocked, then email Kate Brice for assistance.

The Penn State Abington Off-Campus Housing Information provides Penn State Abington students with information on apartments and rentals in the area. This information is provided as a resource only. Penn State University does not solicit, select, promote, or investigate these facilities. The University assumes no responsibility or liability for the personal safety of student renters, loss or damage to personal property, or the arbitration of disputes between students and property owner. Interested persons should thoroughly investigate each opportunity before entering into an agreement with a leaser.