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Stand for State

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Stand for State is a University-wide bystander intervention initiative that seeks to create a campus community that helps community members to understand the role we can all play in looking out for each other. The program places a focus on sexual and relationship violence, mental health concerns, acts of bias, and risky drinking and drug use.

What is a “bystander”?

A bystander can be anyone who may be present and has some awareness of harmful or high-risk behavior taking place.

Stand for State teaches participants strategies they can use to safely intervene and/or diffuse situations that could result in harm to another person. Everyone deserves to be safe. We all can play a role in watching out for each other.

Current Stand for State Programs

  • Sexual and Relationship Violence
  • Bias
student and staff resources

Maintaining a Safe Campus

Here's how you can take steps to create and maintain a safe campus for all students, faculty and staff.