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Abington undergraduate research

Abington ACURA new lion mascot

Penn State Abington students Hudson Marsh and Gigi Fleurentin earned first place for their undergraduate research project, "A Roaring New Look: The Redesigned Nittany Lion Mascot as an Important Branding Opportunity at Penn State University."

At The Roots of the Drug War

Students worked with Abington anthropology instructor Autumn Zellers Leon '09 examining the the impact of illicit crop cultivation in indigenous Columbiam populations. 

Integrating and Appreciating Differences

With a growing international presence on campus, student researchers decided to investigate engagement between American students and their counterparts.

Engineering Superheroes

Ellie Seber, Penn State Abington Engineering Club president, talks about an out of the classroom experience for the regional Rube Goldberg competition. The club designed and built a machine that opens an umbrella in at least 20 steps and a theme.

Abington art student

Scene at Abington Research Week: Student art awards

Art is fundamentally a form of intellectual and imaginative inquiry so the Bertha Lear art exhibition always kicks off undergraduate research week at Penn State Abington. Meet the 2016 Lear award winners and explore their art practice through faculty commentary.
undergraduate research

Questions Welcome

Students rehearse explaining their projects in terms the judges and the campus community can clearly understand whether they are familiar with the field or not.

2016 ACURA Events

Calendar of Events for ACURA 2016

Buddhist research

Undergraduate research

Dr. Salguero in his office

Where Religion and Medicine Intersect

Dr. Salguero focuses on the role of Buddhism in the cross cultural exchange of medical ideas. He integrates methodologies from history, religious and literary studies, and anthropology in his teaching and research.

ACURA Buddhist monks 1

Pierce Salguero and student Weiqian Sheng examine an ancient text for an Abington undergraduate research project.