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Shaashawn Dial

National Coming Out Week at Abington: Using your voice for social justice

An advocate for LGBTQQIAAS-2 communities helped Penn State Abington students find and use their voices to achieve their goals, during the recent National Coming Out Week.
Aniyia Williams came to Berks to speak about entrepreneurship

Berks hears about entrepreneurship from Aniyia Williams

Students from Penn State Berks, Abington and Lehigh Valley learned lessons in entrepreneurship from Aniyia Williams, who gave a talk at Berks on Oct. 11.
Abington diversity All In

No Place for Hate Abington

Deanna Howard at No Place for Hate Week event, I Am Not My Hair.

All In Abington

Abington always 'All In' with diversity, inclusion

The Penn State Abington campus community talks about what it means to be diverse and inclusive. Find out more from the people at the most diverse campus within the University.
Abington spring break diversity

Diversity, leadership focus of Abington spring break retreat

The Penn State Abington diversity leadership retreat guides students on their journey to understanding and practicing diversity, equity, and inclusion.
No Place For Hate Abington

Abington recommits to fighting hate, bias amid U.S. turmoil

Penn State recommitted itself during No Place For Hate Week to being a place of acceptance and pledged to do more.
Retreat on Race

Abington and Brandywine campuses unite in fight against racism

On Martin Luther King Day, faculty and staff from Penn State Abington and Penn State Brandywine came together for “Beyond ‘All In’: A Retreat on Racism.”
We are all In

All In at Penn State

“I hope to see more students taking it upon themselves to learn about someone who is different from them and empower their role as student leaders toward the betterment of humanity."--student Zico Khayat