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Lions Gate

Abington student apartments earn award for sustainability, community connections

The first Penn State Abington student apartments have been lauded for innovative design, community investment, and sustainable practices.
Abington library

Abington redesigns and re-energizes library to inspire collaboration, research

Writing on walls and tables is frowned on in most public spaces, but the staff of the renovated Penn State Abington library views scribbles as signs of success.
The Lions Gate

Exploring The Lions Gate

The final finishes, flooring, and even a fireplace are installed as the Orientation Leaders and resident assistants take  a behind the scenes tour of the Lions Gate. The resident assistants will live in the residence hall.

Lions Gate residence hall

Lions Gate feature image June

Penn State Abington Orientation Leaders and resident assistants in the back yard of the Lions Gate residence building.

Abington residence hall

Brick by brick: Building Abington's 1st residence hall

Take a peek behind the scenes at The Lion's Gate, Penn State Abington's first residence hall.
Abington construction

Penn State Abington residence hall construction

Exterior construction of The Lion's Gate at Penn State Abington.

exterior Penn State Abington

A Good Neighbor

The residence hall is clad in stone and brick so it blends in with the nearby homes.

Tree removal at Nittany Lion Inn scheduled for Aug. 24

The south entrance drive to the Nittany Lion Inn will be closed from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Aug. 24 while a tree, which is believed to have elm yellows, is removed.
Abington BSU

Penn State Abington honors black architect overlooked by history

The Penn State Abington community permanently honored prominent American and African-American architect Julian Abele who earned little recognition during his lifetime but whose work impacts the campus to this day. He designed the iconic Sutherland Building, which houses classrooms and offices.