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First year seminar Fadigan

Beyond erupting volcanoes: Researching factors for success at science fairs

Science fairs -- why do they ignite a passion in some students to develop complex and challenging projects? How do students perceive science fairs participation -- is it cool or nerdy? Do gender, career aspirations and socioeconomic factors influence their attitudes? Penn State Abington's Kathleen Fadigan examines these forces and their links to success at science fairs.

Abington event focuses on children as medical test subjects

Penn State Abington invites the public to a Sept. 25 panel discussion that focuses on heinous post-World War II medical experiments on institutionalized children in the United States.

Abington economics professor’s expertise leads to HuffPost, NPR appearances

Just as most Americans were emerging from the long, lazy, beloved Labor Day weekend, a columnist for the Huffington Post posed these questions: “Why don't we do this more often? If more time off could benefit both individual human beings and the broader economy, why don't we have more long weekends? Why isn't every Monday a Labor Day?” Seeking answers, the reporter logically contacted Lonnie Golden, professor of economics at Penn State Abington.

Abington faculty member earns Career Development Professorship

Penn State Abington associate professor of marketing Shruti Gupta has been named the recipient of the Ogontz '65 Career Development Professorship (CDP) to support her research into the consumer behavior of the 4 billion people worldwide who earn about $2 per day.


Abington associate professor of marketing Shruti Gupta, left, is the 2013-2015 recipient of the Ogontz '65 Career Development Professorship to support her research into the behavior of consumers who earn about $2 per day.

Atherton award winner Dr. Mikhail Kagen teaches physics at Abington.

Abington’s Kagan earns Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching

Penn State Abington Assistant Professor Mikhail Kagan prefers to focus on his students. But the self-described passionate physics professor has had to adjust being in the spotlight recently. Last month, Kagan was presented with the 2013 George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching by University President Rodney Erickson.

2013 Faculty/Staff Award recipients announced, lauded for achievements

Each year, Penn State honors several members of its faculty and staff for the highest levels of academic excellence, outstanding leadership and meritorious service. The 2013 Faculty/Staff Award recipients reach across campuses, colleges and administrative units and exemplify best practices and achievements among Penn Staters reflecting the University's mission of teaching, research and service. The honorees will receive their awards at a ceremony at noon Monday, March 25, at the Nittany Lion Inn.

Coast Guard honors Abington's Capelotti

Most Americans learn about the military reaction to disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Sept. 11 and The Deepwater Horizon oil spill from websites and media outlets. But P.J. Capelotti experienced them first-hand. Capelotti, associate professor of anthropology at Penn State Abington, stood on the unsteady decks of U.S. Coast Guard vessels in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Mexico and painstakingly recorded the experiences of these first responders to be shared with future generations.