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Abington undergraduate research

Abington ACURA new lion mascot

Penn State Abington students Hudson Marsh and Gigi Fleurentin earned first place for their undergraduate research project, "A Roaring New Look: The Redesigned Nittany Lion Mascot as an Important Branding Opportunity at Penn State University."

Abington marketing faculty

A decade researching buying patterns of the world's poorest populations

A decade of research by a Penn State Abington professor into the consumer behavior of and marketing to some of the world’s poorest populations resulted in striking findings.
Cooking in the Archives

Shakespeare in My Kitchen: Historic recipes re-created in modern kitchen

A professor blends her expertise on the Early Modern Era with a love of cooking.
Abington criminal justice

Eric J. Connolly

Eric J. Connolly, assistant professor of criminal justice, Penn State Abington

Bullying programs

Research supports redesigning anti-bullying programs

A new study that suggests differences in substance abuse between male and female bullying victims should lead to redesigning anti-bullying efforts, according to Penn State Abington biosocial criminologist Eric J. Connolly.
recipe cooking in the archives

Macaroni and cheese from Cooking in the Archives

The modern version of 18th century macaroni and cheese was deemed delicious by Marissa Nicosia of Penn State Abington on her blog, Cooking in the Archives: "... a dense, satisfying mac and cheese that was remarkably easy to make. The sherry flavor came through in a unique rich way. ... Unlike many modern recipes for mac and cheese, this one does not involve any milk or heavy cream."

English Abington

Macarony Cheese

The first recipe adapted for the Cooking in the Archives blog is comfort food, an 18th century version of macaroni and cheese.


Lonnie Golden office

Lonnie Golden, professor of economics and labor-employment relations at Penn State Abington

Spain embedded

The Spain Experience

A group of Penn State Abington students studied in Salamanca, Spain, in the fall 2016.