penn state abington women's cross country runner with thumbs up

Bring it on, fall

At Penn State Abington, the fall season isn't about "pumpkin spice" everything. It's about whistles ringing through the gym during volleyball games, seeing the competition on the soccer field, hearing cheers while our cross country runners speed by, and watching our tennis players lobby back and forth for a win.
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Nourishing the Spirit

A glorious mix of visiting scholars and religious traditions, meditation and yoga, and religious studies courses sustain students in their quest for intellectual and spiritual solace in a complicated world.
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Culture of Service

Discover service at Abington and discover yourself with an extended family that values your talents and motivates you to commit to meaningful work that benefits others.
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Latest News

2015 Alumni Fellows

19 Penn Staters honored with Alumni Fellow Award

Nineteen Penn State alumni will be honored Oct. 21 for their outstanding professional accomplishments and given the lifelong title of Alumni Fellow, the highest award given by the Penn State Alumni Association.

'Completely free to be myself'

Jarabi Opulence's life at Penn State Abington shapes up like this: corporate communications major, a work study job in the Office of Intercultural Affairs, leader of a student advocacy organization, and a key player in developing two support groups. The transgender woman blossomed as a campus leader, role model, and community builder as she moved forward with her transition.
Carol Reardon

Penn State laureate considers history versus heritage at Abington

Carol Reardon, professor of history, Civil War scholar, and Penn State laureate, discussed veterans issues while visiting Penn State Abington Oct. 8 and explained the importance of context in examining history.
Kevin Kantor

Heard at Abington: Slam poet explodes stereotypes of male sex assault

Artist Kevin Kantor shattered the stereotypes surrounding male sexual assault with a powerful retelling of his story and the painful aftermath through a discussion and performance. He appeared in connection with the 2015 Abington Common Read, which discusses the detrimental effects of stereotypes.

Anorexia nearly extinguished one of Abington's bright lights

A few short years ago, Penn State Abington senior Jenny Denison engaged in a life and death struggle with an eating disorder. The outlook was bleak before she finally chose recovery. Now, she plans to help others by sharing her story.