Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, referrals for services including psychiatric evaluations, as well as prevention and consultation services for the university community.

Counseling and Psychological Services is a place where you can get assistance tailored to your individual needs. We want to help you achieve the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment possible as a Penn State Abington student. The campus psychologist can help you to address whatever it is that may be of concern to you. We will do our best to ensure that your needs are met through individual counseling, group counseling, or referral to another resource. Our services are designed to enhance a student's ability to fully benefit from the campus environment and academic experience.

The campus psychologist can help you address your concerns in a caring and supportive environment. Counseling and Psychological Services can help students resolve personal concerns that may interfere with their academic progress, social development, and life satisfaction. Some of the more common concerns include anxiety; depression; difficulties in relationships with friends, roommates, or family; substance use, abuse, or addiction; issues around sexual identity; lack of motivation; difficulty relaxing, concentrating, or studying; eating disorders; sexual assault, sexual abuse, and other trauma recovery; and uncertainties about personal beliefs and values.

Students who are experiencing a psychological or emotional crisis often need immediate help and intervention. Some examples of serious crises include:

  • Suicidal or homicidal thoughts or impulses
  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Hearing voices or otherwise misperceiving reality
  • Overwhelming loss, such as a death in the family

If you are having a psychological crisis get help immediately! Emergency Contact Information

Counseling Office

The counseling office is located in 103 Cloverly and is part of student health services.

To schedule an appointment or request more information contact Dr. Karen Gould at 215-881-7577, or go to the Counseling and Psychological Services office at 103 Cloverly.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered to help students gain a deeper understanding of the sources of their difficulties. These insights are then translated into plans for action that the student can carry out in his or her daily life. For issues requiring psychiatric services (medication evaluation and management) an appropriate referral to a community provider will be recommended.

If you are interested in individual counseling please contact Dr. Karen Gould at 215-881-7577.

Group Counseling

Group counseling provides a unique opportunity for small groups of students to meet and share common concerns, explore personal issues, and learn new skills under the guidance of the campus psychologist. Counseling and Psychological Services will offer therapy groups for a particular group of students (e.g., women, men, veterans, students of diversity, international students) and also for specific issues (e.g., sexual assault/trauma survivors, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse/addiction, stress management). As services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the existing student population, we welcome suggestions from students or any other member of the campus community.

If you have any requests for specific groups please contact Dr. Karen Gould at 215-881-7577.


When it comes to protecting your information, Counseling and Psychological Services follows all professional standards, as well as state and federal laws. Information shared is held in the strictest confidence consistent with professional/ ethical standards and state/ federal law. Your information will not be released without your signed consent except in rare instances where sharing is required by law (such as to save a human life, to report child sexual abuse, or to comply with a court order). When you come for individual or group counseling you will thoroughly review and sign statements of confidentiality.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights and confidentiality please contact Dr. Karen Gould at 215-881-7577.


Counseling and Psychological Services welcomes all students and embraces a philosophy respectful of diversity. We are supportive of students' gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, cultural and religious backgrounds, and abilities. We are committed to helping all students deal with discrimination and identity issues.

If you have any questions regarding our commitment to diversity please contact Dr. Karen Gould at 215-881-7577.