First-Year Engagement

First-Year Engagement

Penn State Abington's First Year Engagement (FYE) is an Academic Affairs program that coordinates general education courses with the academic resources of Penn State Abington.  Full-time and experienced faculty members teach every course.  The program is only for first semester students and each class is assigned a peer mentor who is a knowledgeable and experienced guide, a trusted advocate, and a caring role model.

In addition to academic courses (all sections designated with 999, 998, or 997), the First Year Engagement program has a second tier: the Passport to Excellence program.  The Passport to Excellence program is comprised of Academic Skills (AS), Academic Enrichment (AE), and Career and Personal Development (CD/PD) opportunities that help enhance your academic success.  The Passport to Excellence program exposes you to all of the academic resources and services of Penn State Abington.

If you are enrolled in a First Year Engagement (FYE) course, you are also automatically enrolled in the Passport to Excellence program.  Upon your completion of the FYE/Passport , you will earn a certificate at the end of the semester.

  • Check the syllabus of the faculty member for the FYE/Passport requirement in that individual class
  • Select TWO offerings in each category (AS, AE, and CD/PD)
  • Show your ID and sign in with a peer assistant at each attended on time!
  • Read your emails from your peer assistant that alert you to additional events and offerings and changes in the daily schedule of events.

From the administration, faculty, staff, and peer mentors, welcome to Penn State Abington and to First Year Engagement.