business student standing in a conference room at Penn State Abington

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

Corporate communicators are more than just writers; they are highly skilled professionals in the arts of planning, problem solving, and persuading, with a sharp understanding of their audiences' needs, tastes, and interests. They know how to craft the right message and send it to the right audience at the right time.

This degree features cross-disciplinary coursework in business, information systems, and human behavior, along with oral, written, and verbal communication skills. The program offers a broad foundation in business principles that can help graduates become effective communicators in a professional setting.

Courses in ethics and psychology are as much a part of this unique program as writing and speaking skills. Field experience is also required. Our Career Development Office has helped students find internships with Comcast Cable, Comcast SportsNet, Abington Memorial Hospital, and other businesses and organizations in the Philadelphia area.

Dr. Ross Brinkert
Program Chair

Roy Robson, Ph.D.
Division Head, Arts and Humanities
119 Sutherland

Corporate Communication Testimonials

“I chose Corporate Communications because I felt it provided  me with a good understanding and knowledge in many areas that can be applied to numerous professions such as how to handle crisis situations, how to give an effective presentation and how to be a good leader with choosing appropriate management styles. These skills have helped me in my personal and professional growth.“

Gina Andreacchio
Program Manager
BioPharm Communications

“Penn State Abington’s Corporate Communication major leverages real-time industry information and adapts in tandem with innovations. I was challenged with creating and mobilizing content through creative communication strategies, arming me with invaluable experience.”

Kyle Harty
Digital Content Coordinator
Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation

“Business communication has changed more in the past 5 years than in the past 50. My Corporate Communication degree has helped me thrive in this new environment.”

Kwan Morrow
Social Networking Manager
Gregory FCA Communications