Business Communication

Business Communication

All Aboard With Change

Organizations of all types and sizes have a need to identify, introduce, and manage key messages with internal and external organizational participants. The most effective tend to be those whose day-to-day communications activities convincingly demonstrate purpose in action. This presentation combines a broad vision of organizational communication effectiveness with specific and achievable recommendations for moving toward that vision.>
Dr. Ross Brinkert

Effective Writing for Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

Communicating effectively with individuals, both inside and outside of an organization, is essential for the success of any venture. Creating the most appropriate newsletters, memos, reports, and letters for each target audience can present quite a challenge. This presentation offers valuable suggestions for both employers and employees who need to balance the ease and speed of cyber-communication options with the standardized formats expected in more traditional communiqués. It also offers suggestions for ensuring that the messages you wish to send are the ones your target audience will receive and comprehend.
Dr. Ellen Knodt

Sharing Your Message: Building Effective Communication Campaigns

Getting others to understand your message is rarely a one-time endeavor. It takes systematic and strategic communication to truly impress your message upon others. Such communication hinges on understanding your audience and choosing the right tools to craft and disseminate your message. Learn what components go into creating an effective communication campaign and how to avoid barriers that can get in the way of sharing your message.
Dr. Lisa Chewning