A Legal Perspective on the Juvenile Justice System
When a youngster comes before the court system, which actions are considered crimes and which are classified as delinquent acts? What happens to a juvenile offender’s record when he/she turns 18? How did the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Act of 1996 change the ways in which juvenile offenders are treated by the justice system? The answers to these questions are important not only to parents but also to those who work with juveniles. An experienced attorney and educator will address these issues and others that impact on juveniles who come before the Pennsylvania courts.
Patricia Workman, Esq.

Forensic Engineering: Accident Reconstruction and Analysis
In our litigious society, companies need to know if claims are valid, inflated and/or avoidable. Plaintiffs, lawyers, defense attorneys, CEOs, and manufacturers need to know if, for example, a fall from a ladder was caused by improper design, faulty placement, and /or inadequate warnings. Look into the causes of some major disasters, discover precautions which might have helped to prevent them, and garner some tips on ways you or your company might avoid getting into legal or financial trouble by preventing product liability suits.

Historical Perspectives on Capital Punishment
The United States is unique among major Western nations for its continued use of the death penalty. The history of capital punishment helps to illuminate current debates on this highly controversial and divisive issue and provides the basis for an examination of some of the most basic values Americans have celebrated—and struggled over—for nearly four centuries.
Dr. David Ruth

Mathematics and Everyday Life
Mathematics impacts our daily lives in far more ways than most people realize. Consider the following questions: What is the relationship between math and your CD player? Could telephone systems be set up so that if you dial a wrong digit you can still get connected to the right number? What are the chances of getting a false positive result on an HIV test? If intelligent beings exist in space, what are our chances of communicating with them? Learn the answers to these and other questions in this program, which can be adapted for youth or adult audiences.
Dr. Kenneth Johnson

Math, Risk, and Daily Life
Those who believe that math is irrelevant to their lives because they are no longer doing battle with high school geometry or college algebra are wrong. Understanding mathematical concepts is important in making informed decisions on a wide variety of subjects ranging from the practicality of purchasing extended warranties on a car or washing machine, investing in a lottery tickets, or playing the slot machines. Clearly, some risks are worth taking and others are not. Find out which are and which are not in a presentation designed for high school students or for adults.
Marsha Fischer