Penn State Abington Scholarship Opportunities

Penn State Abington Scholarship Opportunities

Prospective First-Year Students

  • No application is necessary
  • All applicants who have been offered admission are reviewed for scholarship consideration
  • Scholarships amounts vary
  • Most scholarships are one-year only
  • Enrollment in the Abington Honors Program and a minimum 3.30 Abington GPA allow the scholarship to be renewed

Merit Scholarships for First-Year Students

Transfer Students

  • No application is necessary
  • All students who accept admission to Penn State Abington are reviewed for merit scholarships based on their academic record
  • Admissions Office re-calculates a student's grade point average when a student applies, based on the grades from all of the student's previous institutions
  • Most merit scholarships are available only to students pursuing Penn State Abington majors who will graduate from the Abington campus, but some scholarships are also available for students planning to transition to a University Park major
  • Merit scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time students with eligibility based on the student's combined GPA from all previous institutions

Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students

Continuing Abington Students