Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Ellen Murray Brennan, M.A.
Senior Lecturer in Communication and Arts & Sciences
Sutherland, 313, 215-881-7581
Ross Brinkert, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Corporate Communication
Sutherland, 414, 215-881-7579
Rachael Eriksen Brown
Assistant Professor of Math Education
Cloverly, 207, 215-881-7802
Rachael Brown
Lecturer, American Studies
Thomas Brown, M.A.
Instructor of English
Sutherland, 328, 215-881-7540
Sharon Burke
Lecturer in Nursing
Rydal Executive Plaza, 304, 267-633-3307
Karlin Burks
Instructor in Education
Cloverly, 205, 215-881-7913
Gerald Burnsteel
Kevin M. Cahail, Ph.D.
Gary Calore
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Sutherland, 417, 215-881-7591
Kevin Cannon, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
Woodland, 314, 215-881-7468
PJ Capelotti, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
Research Associate, The Polar Center at Penn State
Rydal, 103, 215-881-7860
Aja Carpenter
Cloverly, 205, 215-881-7913
Carla Chamberlin-Quinlisk
Professor of Applied Linguistics/ Communication Arts & Sciences
Co-Coordinator, Center for Intercultural Leadership and Communication (CILC)
Sutherland, 327, 215-881-7545
Ying Chu Chen, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Dance
Lisa Chewning, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Corporate Communication
Sutherland, 416, 215-881-7382
Rosa Maria Chism, M.A.
Senior Lecturer in Spanish
Sutherland, 310A, 215-881-7447
Patricia Clayton
Senior Instructor in Kinesiology
Athletic Building, 202, 215-881-7441
Tami Cloherty, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Woodland, 336, 215-881-7871
Judith Cocking